Released 07/01/2005

Are you looking for an easy way to study foreign languages? Listening Wizard helps you to improve your listening and comprehension skill. Using multimedia files(MP3 or WAV), you can work on listen-and-write and listen-and speak practice on foreign languages. You can adjust the play rate, repetition numbers to maximize the effect. Or you can even break down a long audio file into short sentences. In addition, Listening Wizard allows you to create your own MP3 file and use a portable MP3 player to take them wherever you go.
(US $29.95)
Listening Wizard supports Unicode. In other words, you can type in any language which means you can study any language of your choice.

Listen, speak, and write after any sound you want.
Break lengthy audio file into short sentences.
Adjust play rate, repetition count, and interval between sentences.
Edit MP3 files of your choice.
Create MP3 files so you can study with your portable MP3 player.
Create your own study file.
Enjoy the user-friendly and easy to use interface.
Look up words fast using mini-dictionary.
Compare transcribed and original text automatically.
Study any languages of your choice.